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Are you in a need of high-quality yet affordable window cleaning in Wimbledon area? Welcome to Live2Clean. We provide immaculate service at rates you would love. Our team uses the water fed pole cleaning technique as a better alternative for window cleaning than the more traditional methods. The procedure is executed with the help of Reach and Wash® cleaning equipment. We can help you with both small properties and large commercial buildings. Hire us today and benefit from professional cleaning services and enjoy squeaky clean windows without the use of any harmful detergents.

We've hired a team of dedicated professionals most of which has many years of experience in the cleaning industry. Along with that, we provide thorough training to the new members of our team. All our Wimbledon cleaners are supervised in the use of the machines and the equipment itself is inspected every time so we ensure our clients that it meets all the safety standards and it is in good working order. Our special water-fed poles systems allow our technicians to be exposed to minimum hazards on the service without compromising on its quality.

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More Details About Our Window Cleaning Service

Let us explain a bit further about the system we use. For hard to reach windows, frames and sills we use a water fed pole. The purified water is pumped to the brush head and the glass is perfectly polished thanks to this new technology. For the interior part of the windows where the areas are easy to reach by hand, our Wimbledon window cleaning technicians rely on the traditional method. They make sure that the corners and sills are precisely wiped and then dry with a squeegee. Both of the methods result in glass cleaned to an incredible luster.

Still wondering why to choose Live2Clean to clean your windows in Wimbledon?

  • OUR CLEANING METHODS WON'T LEAVE ANY STREAKS BEHIND – thanks to the deionised purified water we use, you will enjoy sparkling windows. Along with that we will clean your windows frames and ledges.
  • OUR TEAM WILL ELIMINATE ANY SAFETY RISK – don't put yourself in a risky position. Our window cleaners can achieve incredible results from the safety of the ground and reach up to 6th floor without any difficulty.
  • OUR WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE WILL SAVE YOU TIME – this task takes a lot of time and if you have windows on multiple floors it can be very challenging to do it on your own. Our convenient service will free up your time for more important things.
  • YOU CAN TRUST OUR WIMBLEDON CLEANERS – we have years of experience in providing impeccable window cleaning services. Seeing our customers satisfied with the outcome is what motivates us to be better every single day.
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Become one of our hundreds of satisfied customers – dial 020 3670 9987 and let the sunshine in! Our operators will further provide you with all the details you need to know about our window cleaning services in Wimbledon!

Customer Reviews

I needed professional window cleaning after winter months so I called Live2Clean. Very glad with the outcome. Would use again Nicole K.

I live on the 3rd floor so I can't clean the windows on my own. I have used your carpet cleaning service so I know your team is very diligent and decided to rely on your company again. Was not disappointed, thanks Mrs Patty Green

My windows are squeaky clean! Thank you so much!!
Barbara G.