Don't Give Up On Your Old Sofa – Invite Our Wimbledon Cleaners to Revive It

Upholstery cleaning services are often overlooked as many homeowners assume they can do it themselves. The problem is not that you can't clean the surface yourself but that you won't achieve the needed efficient results. Professional upholstery cleaning is much more comprehensive than what you can do with the supplies you have at home. Even if you decide to hire a steam cleaning machine, you can't be sure that you won't damage the fabric. This is why we recommend you to rely on a professional company. Live2Clean provides upholstery cleaning services in Wimbledon area for many years and will make your residential premises more comfortable and healthier.

With all the experience gained throughout the years, our professionally trained technicians are completely aware of any upholstery type and cleaning methods. They are able to help you with the professional upholstery cleaning service, using our own state of the art equipment and harmless detergents.

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The sofa is usually the piece of furniture which is the accent in your living room. Not every kind of textiles is washable. You must check the care label and carefully read the instructions. There may be written either 'W' (it's safe to be sanitised with water), 'S' (can be sanitised only with dry cleaning) or 'S/W' (it can be cleaned with combining both techniques). Another variant is 'X' which means that the fabric should be only vacuumed and nothing else. Don't worry if you can't find that label. Our experienced Wimbledon cleaners are familiar with all kinds of fibres and their proper maintenance.

Clean mattress provides you with a healthy environment. When it is deeply sanitised, not only the visible dirt is removed but also millions of harmful microorganisms, known as dust mites. Use our professional upholstery cleaning in Wimbledon and get rid of pet odour and stains. The procedure also has fast drying time so you should not worry about any moisture excess. We highly recommend you to take advantage of mattress cleaning service at least once a year to promote better sleep and improved indoor air quality. Don't forget to ask about Scotchgard Protector application for even better results.

It is absolutely normal your curtains to lose their sleek looks over time. They act as a barrier and collect a lot of dust. They may change their colour due to cigarette smoke or dusty air. As most delicate fabrics are not suitable for treating them in the washing machine, you should call the professionals to do the job for you. Rest assured that our Wimbledon cleaners can refresh your curtains with no risk of damaging them. Again, this is a service that should be done at least once a year so why don`t you just combine some? Our professionals have all the necessary equipment to achieve immaculate final results.

Advantages of Getting Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

There are numerous reasons why professional cleaning services are required occasionally to achieve a good level of indoor air quality. Below you will find four of them – check out:

REDUCE ALLERGENS AT YOUR HOME – pet dander, dust, pollen, germs and other allergens easily become trapped in the fabrics. Every time you sit on your sofa you spread them in the air and worsen its quality. Such filth particles can trigger serious respiratory problems including asthma.

PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR FURNITURE – there are many homeowners that decide to get rid of their furniture just because it doesn't look as presentable as it used to. Why spend money on a new one when you can freshen up your old at a very reasonable price? Our team of upholstery cleaners in Wimbledon will eliminate any dirt and dust. By booking our service once or twice a year, you can rest assured that your soft furniture will serve you for the years to come.

TOUGH STAINS ARE NOT A HASSLE – in a case of a stubborn stain, you should contact our company as soon as possible as this will greatly facilitate the removal process. In order to fully eliminate the stain, we rely on steam cleaning. If your upholstery is not suitable for this method, our Wimbledon cleaners will apply dry cleaning. Our team knows the right techniques so you should not worry about any potential damages of the fabric.

ANY UNWANTED ODOURS ARE REMOVED – as our cleaning approach is very comprehensive, the outstanding visual results will be accompanied by fresh scent. Any lingering smell of cooking, pets or smoke will be eliminated. Enjoy not only immaculate looks but better and healthier indoor living environment.

If you want to experience these benefits from first hand, give us a call at 020 3670 9987 and request a service. Our polite customer care representatives will provide you with further details about our upholstery cleaning in Wimbledon.

Customer Reviews

I have a set of antique dining chairs from my grandparents and when I changed my interior to more classic style I decided to place them in my living room. As I kept them in the basement they were very dusty. Fortunately, I have used your carpet cleaning service before and I was very pleased with the outcome so I called. Once again you achieved great results in just about an hour! Thank you Rachel G.

I spilled some juice all over my armchair so after I soaked as much as possible I called your company. The cleaner arrived the following day and the stain came completely off. Thanks for the prompt service! Diana Michaels

I'm a smoker and through the years my sofa has been absorbing all the cigarette smoke. I did a little refurbishment and I decided to thoroughly clean my premises, my upholstered furniture included. After your guys left the sofa was fresh, soft and free of any odours - just like new! great job Steven Lee